Communication: Marketing, Education, Change

About Kwin

I was named after a radio station and have had careers in broadcasting, performing arts, electric utility, and marketing. Here are my adjectives:

  • - Multidisciplinary
  • - Collaborative
  • - Persistent
  • - Adventurous


Specialization is for insects. Marketing techniques, philosophy, javascript, Photoshop, the fall of's all useful (but not all the time!).


The soft skills are the hard skills and besides, collaboration is not only way more fun, it's the only way to make real change happen.


It can take months of hard, thankless work, but when the data is right, persistence and grit—generously applied—moves mountains.


The road less travelled by has the the best views, the least traffic and the most rewards.

I'm telling people about Epic Surgical Center—a new model ambulatory surgical center in Murray, Utah. Epic is designed specifically for self-funded employers and will save people loads of money. It may even change the marketplace.

I am taking time during our long night of quarantine to learn Spanish. My goal is to get to the CREF B1 level by the end of the year. I'm scheduled to take the SIELE test in November to assess my progress. My future self speaks several languages.

I am working hard to become my Future Self. He is way smarter, wiser, more generous, and successful than I am. (I think he might even be better looking.)

I read as much as I can. Some books that I have read in recent months that really stuck with me are: Solve for Happy, The Rational Optimist, Slipstream Time Hacking, and The Order of Time.