Making Sense of the Connection Economy

The world is changing in rapid an unprecedented ways.
Don't just be amazed, be part of it.

About Me

I was named after a radio AM radio station. AM radio was a very big deal for about 40 years, but even I haven't tuned into an AM station recently.

The world of the (very near) future will be unimaginably different. Billions of new people will join the economy and the conversation. Technologies that are currently just an idea (if that) will revolutionize society. It will be, as thinkers like Peter Diamandis have aptly described it, an age of abundance—an abundance of opportunity, health, uncertainty, and (for many) fear.

I'm obsessed with preparing myself, my kids and the people I interact with to see the upside and not fear the downside. I write the Bike to Work Blog to prepare for the post-driving world. I teach about controlling email to give us the time we need to think, and now I'm teaching classes to help people break free from time-wasting office activities.

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