Upholder Tools and Rebel Tools

This post (along with all the articles in the Rebel alliance category) is based on the “Four Tendencies” framework developed by Gretchen Rubin.

picture of tools
The wrong tools just won’t do the job. Photo from Pixabay.

I wanted to write about being a rebel: about the power, pain, and delight of seeing the world through contrarian eyes. But starting is always hard, so I pulled up the blogging template shared by Michael Hyatt.

Then I stared at it.

And I thought about how to fill it in.

And I wrote a few words, erased them, and did it again.

Then I stared at it some more.

An hour later I quit, angry and frustrated.

Later that afternoon, still stewing over the failed post, I heard myself say, “Why the hell am I using upholder tools for rebel work?!” (more…)

Gretchen Rubin Solved a 27 Year-Old Mystery

Picture of The Four Tendencies

At the end of my first quarter of junior high, I was called down to the principal’s office where seven of my classmates were assembled in the conference room looking worried.

The principal welcomed us and in solemn tones announced that we were were the only straight-A students in the class. He went on for what seemed like hours about what a great students we were and what great opportunities awaited us and how he expected great things from us. I left that meeting full of shame and anger.

And also an apparent perverse determination—it turns out I wouldn’t make the honor roll again until the end of my senior year. (more…)