Change In Two Weeks?

I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes at nine every morning.William Faulkner

I’m not new to blogging, having started my first blog in 2012 and writing on and off on various blogs since then. My writing has always followed a specific pattern: think of a topic, make note of that topic, and then—when I feel inspired to do so—sit down and write about it (or sit down and feel guilty about not writing).

The results of this approach are predictable: I haven’t written anything on the Bike to Work blog in a year.

This sucks, of course, but what to do?

This week, Chase Jarvis aired an interview during which Seth Godin made a remarkable statement:

Blog publicly everyday; it will change you in two weeks.

I love definite statements like this that promise a specific result for doing a specific thing for a specific period of time. This is a statement that is verifiable and the timeframe is short; I can do anything for two weeks and I am always looking for change.

So, beginning today, May 11 and continuing through May 27 I will blog daily (except for Sunday) on this site. I order to set myself up for success, I am imposing no minimum word count and I am giving myself only an hour to write each day and that hour will be before the beginning of the workday so that I can’t be overwhelmed.

With this lack of constraints, I don’t expect quality, but that wasn’t part of Seth Godin’s claim. If any posts strike me as being good or interesting, I’ll mention it on social and/or Linkedin.